VAT refund

French VAT refund claims for non EU companies

If a non-French company established outside of the European Union does not carry out transactions that are liable for VAT in France, it may, under certain conditions, be refunded  the VAT connected with expenditures made in France for the purposes of its professional activity.

Companies involved

Refunds of this type are reserved for taxable persons established outside the European Union that are not established in France and that do not provide goods or services that are taxable in France. "Taxable person" means any individual or entity that carries out, in an independent manner, supplies of goods or provisions of services related to an business activity in its State of establishment.The expenses for which a VAT refund claim is filed must be related to the company’s business activity.

The scheme of operations is as follow :

Appointment of a tax representative

Since the company is established outside of a European Union Member State, it must appoint a tax representative, who must be a taxable person liable for VAT established in France.

The scheme of French VAT refund claim is as follow :

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