As a preliminary, it is specified that the fees are fixed by mutual agreement with the client before the first diligences are being carried out. This agreement and the fees are evidenced by a letter of engagement, which specifies the scope and the methods of restitution of the lawyer's diligences, and by a fee agreement.

In any event, a provision is systematically requested when the engagement letter and the fee agreement are delivered and before any diligences is being carried out.

Different billing methods can be considered:

Time spent fees

The hourly amount of the fees is fixed at 250€, without VAT. This rate is increased by 20% in the event of an urgent request (response desired within 5 working days).

It is possible to set a limit of hours beyond which no past diligences fee is charged.

Performance fee

The amount of the performance fee, between 5 and 15% depending on the issues, is applied to the amount settled, saved and / or returned thanks to the action of the lawyer.

In order to comply with the ethical rules of the legal profession, the performance fee includes a fixed fee representative of the diligences carried out by the lawyer in order to obtain the result.

Fixed fee

The fixed fee is determined according to the complexity, challenges and risks of the mission.

Monthly subscription

The Office invoices a monthly fee excluding tax corresponding to a number of hours previously determined beforehand with the client and allowing to benefit from an hourly rate lower than that of the fees billed on a time spent basis.

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